Sachit Sahoonja CEO & Managing Partner – Su-Nav Group.

As the Chief Executive of the group, Sachit is responsible for overseeing executive leadership and client relationships while leading the development and execution of short term and long term strategies with the aim of increasing the shareholder value. He is a master mariner with 25 years of industry experience. In his previous role, he was the Managing Director for V.Ships Ship Management (India). He sailed for 12 years on various types of vessels and then stepped ashore to develop the company’s foothold in India.

Sachit holds an MBA in shipping and logistics from Middlesex university, UK.

Rajat Mehta – Managing Director – Su-Nav Group.

As the Managing Director of the Group, Rajat is responsible for the continuous development and sustainability of the business within the group. He is a Master mariner with extensive experience in Chemical and Oil Tankers. He has been in various senior executive roles with V.Group since he stepped ashore in 2008. His expertise lies in Ship Management, Maritime Operations, International Shipping projects and safety innovations.

Rajat is a LLM in International Maritime Law from World Maritime University, Sweden.

Alex Bilokon – MD – Su-Nav China.

As Managing Director of Su-Nav China, Alex is responsible for supporting the Su-Nav group in developing the Marine Services in East Asia. Alex in his previous role was the Managing Director of China International Ship Management Co. Ltd – joint venture between V.Ships & COSCO China Shipping. He was also the MD of V.Ships Shanghai office. He has 35+ years of experience in the Maritime industry & has spear headed the Crewing & Training of the Chinese crew for large Containers and Tanker vessels.

Nandhini Veeraraghavan – HR & Travel Director, Su–Nav Group.

As Group HR and Travel Director, Nandhini is responsible for talent acquisition, mentoring and all HR-related activities for Su–Nav Group. She has 8+ years of experience with V.Ships Ship Management managing HR activities for its Ship Management offices in India. Before this, Nandhini was an elite member of the Aviation Industry for 12 years.

Nandhini is an MBA – HR and certified HR Practitioner – SHRM-SCP

Vinayak Gupta, Director Industrial Relations, Director Manpower – Su-Nav Group.

As a Director of Industrial Relations and Director of Manpower, Vinayak plays a vital role in developing the Manpower Strength of the Group which is the backbone of every Ship Management Company. He was involved in developing and delivering Manpower training and supply from emerging markets in East Asia, especially Vietnam & China. In his previous role, he was V.Group Compliance Manager – Crewing responsible for Compliance and audits of all V.Group Crewing offices.


Vaidyanathan Viswanathan – Head of Technical – Su-Nav Group.

As the Head of Technical, Vaidyanathan is responsible for the technical management of the fleet ensuring the seamless operations of the assets with Safety as the top priority.  He has 17 years of experience in the industry, sailed on Bulk carriers, Tankers and containers and has completed the “GLOBAL MASTER CERTIFICATE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS “ from Michigan State University. He brings his experience in Ship Management from Fleet Management and Wallems.

Ajeesh Pillai – Chief Financial Officer – Su Nav Group

As the Chief Financial Officer of the Group, Ajeesh is responsible for overseeing the financial performance and financial discipline of the organisation. He is focused on delivering quality and transparent financial reports to various stakeholders including our clients. He has more than 18 years of experience specifically with the shipping industry. In his previous role, he was in the role of Finance Manager in V.Ships Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd where he headed finance for both India and Singapore Ship management offices.

Ajeesh holds an MBA in Financial Management and, he is a certified professional in Advanced Strategic Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

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