Crew Management

Su Nav Group works with client’s interest as the focal point by providing highly trained professionals for operating the owner’s assets without compromising on safety. Our systems & experience help provide solutions to the highest standards.

Being seafarers ourselves we understand the industry norms & hence persistently train, nurture, measure, and evaluate our crew so that they make the best and toughest decisions, even in the most constrained and stressful situation

We use stringent search and selection methods to ensure that our seafarers not only have the required professional qualifications & competence, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff


Crewing process:

  • Screening
  • Selection
  • Certification
  • Planning
  • Training
  • Mobilization
  • Crew charge
  • Performance monitoring
  • Payroll/Allotments
  • Cadet and Officer Training Development

Su Nav Marine College helps Clients develop their own pool from the start, train their cadets in the systems who will eventually grow within the system to the top ranks on board & in future working ashore in their offices thereby delivering a career for life platform.

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