As part of Su-Nav Group, Su-Nav Travels has been created to fulfill the company’s client’s travel needs.

With our expert travel coordinators we have an in-depth & unique understanding of the travel requirements of the maritime industry, which is unrivalled across the industry. This ensures that people are transported across the globe, efficiently and cost effectively without any glitches.

We Use the latest industry standard systems and innovative technology, to benefit all seafarers and crew ranging from a fully automated request to check-in process, with shared information, booking systems and operational procedures.

With our complete and well connected travel expertise, Su-Nav Travel has the expertise to make sure you we give the best service to the crews and clients including last minute connectivity and travel support.



Excellence in finance and accounting services.

Our Vessel Accounting service aims to provide you timely and accurate reports of your financial statements. We embrace best practices and fully comply with the International Standards. We follow established processes and are fully automated to provide seamless payments. Using our online systems, customers can monitor vessel accounts anytime, anywhere.

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