The team at Su-Nav Ship management is committed to operate a well-maintained vessel with safety of crew, ship and environment as priority. Our technical and marine team is always at the forefront to maintain the vessel in compliance with all regulatory requirement and operate the vessel to highest industry standards. This allows optimal utilization of the vessel by all stakeholders.

Combining a highly-experienced, professional onshore team and selected vessel crew, Su-Nav Ship Management provides high quality technical management services to shipowners globally.

In order to optimize vessel operation and cost efficiency, we use advanced IT systems that provide seamless integration and communication between ship and shore. These activities include planned maintenance, dry docking, budgeting & accounting, inventory/personnel/ safety management and paperless purchasing.

As with any investment, we understand the desire of owners for regular updates on the physical, operational and financial condition of their assets. We use transparent and user-friendly vessel reporting systems to generate reports for shipowners that detail vessel maintenance status, purchasing and technical maintenance plans and history and comprehensive costs analysis.

Su-Nav Ship Management conducts performance monitoring through an increased frequency of checks and detailed management techniques.

This information empowers shipboard management as well as shore management to make informed decisions.

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